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I met my husband Ian via Ivory Towers. Steadily, through email correspondence and telephone calls, we knew that something special was happening between us. This was confirmed when we saw each other for the first time. We became engaged later that year and married soon after. Our wedding was an outdoor Civil Ceremony on a perfect summer's day.

For Ian and I, this is a second-time around marriage. Subscribing to Ivory Towers was our key to finding personal love and happiness again.

We never would have met, had it not been for Ivory Towers (especially as we lived 400 miles apart)!

Lynne & Ian

Just to let you know, we met through Ivory Towers last March. We were married in November, and we're expecting our first child (fingers crossed!) in August. Thanks!

R & F

Logging onto Ivory Towers was the best thing we did for each other.

We found each other on the site in May last year, met three weeks later and married in September. We are very very happy and owe it to this excellent site that brings like-minded souls together.

Invaluable service.

P & N

Thanks to Ivory Towers I was at the best ever wedding. Castle in Scotland, lovely weather, good company, good food... It was my wedding!

It would never have happened without the help of Ivory Towers.

Maggie & Jarvis

Met Somebody

I would like to let you know that after a free trial offered to me a year ago, I met a lovely man, and we just celebrated our first year together. We are now happily cohabiting and I would like to thank you for your great service.


Thanks for running such a super site. I have met someone wonderful on it and I am sure I would never have met her otherwise, so in a moment will be closing my account.


I have met a wonderful man through Ivory Towers. We have been together for five months now and I couldn't be happier. Thank you, Ivory Towers!

Beccy & Paul

I am cancelling my membership for the best of all possible reasons. I have met a lovely man, we have been dating for a couple of months and the relationship is building beautifully.
We were both new to internet dating and very cautious. We are both so happy that we have met.
Thank you for a site which brings like-minded people together.


I have met a WONDERFUL man through Ivory Towers. We have been dating for 2 months now.


I have met a lovely man through the website Ivory Towers. I know it is early days but we are very keen on each other and feel sure it will last.


Please cancel my membership as I have met somebody through Ivory Towers and everything is wonderful!! So thanks very much and I hope that I never have to come back!


It has been 'some time' since I visited your site. That's because I have met a marvellous man through Ivory Towers.

We first 'met' in September, and subsequently met in real time, face-to-face, in January. We are very happy and want to spend the rest of our lives together.

Sometimes, your members become 'profile only' for the very best of reasons! Best wishes to you all.


I would just like to say I was contacted by a wonderful man through your site three months ago after I'd let my profile lie dormant for some considerable time.

We met shortly after this and haven't looked back - all is going swimmingly with neither of us rushing things...


I met the most wonderful person while I was on a free trail on Ivory Towers, and we are still together nearly three years later.

You gave a wonderful new opportunity to make a positive change in my life. It is a great source of amusement between my partner and I that she signed up for your service and I only had a free trial. I do hope that we are able to muse over this for many years to come.

Many thanks for changing my life.


Could you please remove me from your site (it's for a good reason, though, because I've already met someone really lovely through it so I owe you all a HUGE thank you!) :-)


Just wanted to write to say 'Thank you'.

Jonathan and I met through your site in March. It's now August and we moved in together a few weeks ago. We are sure we have met our perfect match. We knew just what we were looking for in a partner and your site made it very easy to make that match.

The site is unique in that it certainly sorts the wheat from the chaff. I thought people would like to know that the site really does work and we certainly couldn't be happier. I have recommended you to my single friends!

Julie & Jonathan

Please would you cancel my membership and remove my profile as I have found a wonderful partner on your site.

Thank you very much - I'd never have found him without you!


Tiny Feet

I thought your website was excellent as it allowed you to give a properly thought through and well structured picture of yourself and the other members, which saved a lot of timewasting in the long run. There are so many websites where people are not encouraged to be truthful and realistic about themselves, which is of course disastrous!

I just wanted to say that I met my match on your website and we married 2 years later. Our son is now 5 months old and we are loving our life together - thank you Ivory Towers!


I just want to let you know that my wife Diane and I got married 3 years ago after meeting on your site.

We now have a beautiful son Thomas and if it wasn't for IT I think I would still be lost in the wilderness.

For every non believer this is proof that you can meet your soul mate!

James & Diane

Good Experiences

Many thanks Team, I think your site is brilliant. Very best wishes.


This site gives you a chance to test the waters without endless ridiculous meetings as you know more about the people first before you choose to meet up. It offers the chance to meet people who are likely to have more in common having gone that bit further with studying, and having had similar life experiences as a result.

I would definitely recommend the site as it does have a good base of members and the contacts so far have been interesting and lively. Thanks for a great service.


Other dating services are a bit needle-in-a-haystack. I think the fact that you have to think about what your fundamental values are, and what you want from life, makes it much easier to meet a like-minded companion.


I'm writing briefly to express my thanks for what is an excellent site and one which seems to continue to improve.

Do not usually 'pick up the pen', but felt you should be encouraged by some positive comments. (I expect you get enough 'issues' to deal with). Hope these comments help. Once again, thanks for giving enjoyment and previously unavailable options of friendship to so many.

Keep up the good work!


I would like to compliment you on your website and the helpful service you offer. Best I have seen so far.


I must congratulate you on your website - both the idea and execution are excellent. The right questions are asked, and the searches work extremely well. I therefore wish you all the best and thank you for your efforts on behalf of the Bridget Jones generation (of both sexes).

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