Help and Support

Need help using the Ivory Towers site? Don't worry, we'll try to help you with any problems you might have. Make sure you've checked the following pages before getting in touch with us.

Photo Tips

80% of members are unlikely to contact somebody without a profile picture.
40% wouldn't contact somebody who didn't have a GOOD photo.

Photos to use:

  • Ones where you look relaxed and approachable
  • Ones where you are smiling and looking happy
  • Photos on holiday or doing activities can work well
  • Photos which show the real you

Photos to avoid:

  • Photos which show people with children
  • Photos with other people in them
  • Passport photos that make you look like you are about to eat your last meal, rather than meet your potential life partner
  • Out-of-date photos featuring an old hairstyle / two stones lighter (or heavier!) / 15 years younger
  • A self portrait taken with a web cam at close range
  • Photos where you look drunk or ill